Connecting the Floodplains for a Healthy Alluvial Forest

Feasibility Study for Spačva -Bosut Forests Restoration

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The river Sava, with a length of 926 km and a catchment area of over 97,800 km², the largest tributary of the Danube by discharge, is an outstanding ecological corridor connecting several Balkan countries and protected areas along it course.

In the frame of the project “Sava Parks II - Freedom for Sava”, two feasibility studies for potential restoration and revitalization options along Sava River have been carried out, based on knowledge derived from the Sava Whitebook.

This feasibility study will cover the Sava river stretch near the Bosut Forest (Serbia) and Spacva Forest (Croatia). The concept of this study foresees to provide an ecological floodplain restoration plan and promotes the idea of integrated land use and forest management. Here, the conceptualization of scenarios for an optimal flooding regime have been the main objective.

This study was conducted by E.C.O. Institute of Ecology (Austria).

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