Category of protection: III (declared by the Assembly of the Municipality of Ruma)
Year of protection: 2011


Protected habitat „Trskovača Pond“ is located near village Platičevo (teritory of the Municipality of Ruma, Vojvodina Province). It is connected with two great rivers, Sava River and Drina River, but also with Special Nature Reserve „Obedska Bara“.


It is well known that Ancient Rome had a lot of influence among Balkan area, especially area of what we call Srem today. Sremska Mitrovica was city of emperors and many gravitated nearby had villas and homes on hills settled near water and forests. Therefore, there are many artefacts that witness about historical legacy of this protected area, including coins, tools, etc. Recent history of Trskovača Pond tells about how dangerous and unpredictable is when human „plays the game“ with nature. Until 1970ies of the last century, this area had plenty of fish, reed and other natural resources suitable for local community. Then agricultural corporation of Ruma decided to dried and transform this beautiful, natural wetland depression to cultivated fields. The struggle was never ending, as every autumn there had been a vast amount of water over the crops. The failure was very obvious, but that lasted until locals didn’t initiate mission with the goal to protect the area. Why? Well not that much for the sake of species and biodiversity, but for the humidity which was lost when Trskovača had been dried and it had negative consequences for all those fields in surround. The mission was completed in 2011 when protection has been declared and since then new mission had started – revitalization and preservation of Trskovača Pond.


Although there is a basic infrastructure for visitors (visitor centre and observation tower), Trskovača is pretty much „a blank page“ and gives diversity of chances to develop different branches of ecotoursim – birdwatching, boat and bicycle ride, walking, herbs picking, camping, glamping, education and workshops, etc.

Natural values

Trskovača Pond has been protected for its biodiversity values, as well as diversity of habitats. There were 110 species of birds during flood period in 2014 in 168.15 ha area. Trskovača was colonised by numerous rare and endangered bird species such as ferruginous duck, eurasian bittern, black stork, lesser spotted eagle, etc. Also, there are 13 species of ichtiofauna, most common are tench and crucian carp.


Trskovača is the area of 168.15 ha intersected with channels, wetlands and meadows. Visitor can enjoy the whole area as the approach is easy and simple and takes approximately 4 hours of enjoyable walk for round tour (12 km range). There is possibility for recreational fishing and boat ride.

Known about the unknown

About 50 years ago the whole Trskovača depression was covered with water and villagers use those benefits reflected in plenty of fish and swamp vegetation.

The area is open for visitors:

  • Working hours (for visitors): 07 am to 3 pm
  • Prior notice: Yes, to Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Ruma or via phone +381 22 470 655

The area is managed by Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Ruma

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