Category of protection: Regional park
Year of protection: 1981


Kozjansko Regional Park is located in the eastern part of Slovenia, along the border with Croatia.


Kozjansko Regional Park is one of the oldest and largest protected areas in Slovenia. Established in 1981 as a compromise between the values of natural protection and cultural heritage.

The high degree of biodiversity place Kozjanski park among the most important nature protection areas in Slovenia and Europe with most of the park belonging to the NATURA 2000 special protection areas.

Since 2010, the Kozjansko and Obsotelje regions have enjoyed the status of a biosphere reserve under the protection UNESCO (MAB programme – Man and Biosphere).


In Kozjansko Park, there are several marked and well-maintained trails. There are also the most regal of all Slovenian castles. The park and the entire region have an exceptionally well-preserved cultural landscape, with very high-quality elements of folk culture (customs, songs, legends).

Natural values

The variegated Kozjansko landscape provides excellent conditions for an extremely biodiverse protected area. Here, a watchful eye can count no less than 44 types of orchids, over 1200 types of butterflies, 62 types of grasshoppers, 20 types of hygrocybes (fungus), 120 types of pear trees and 78 natural values.


  • The River Bistrica – it has cut a 3–kilometer– long gorge in the hills between Trebče and Zagaj
  • The dry hill meadows – a treasury of biodiversity
  • Olimski potok Valley and Olimje
  • A European Bee–eater Nesting Area in Bizeljsko
  • Repnice, the caves, dug into silica sand, first appeared roughly 200 years ago in the Bizeljsko area
  • Gruska, a natural monument as well as a geomorphological and hydrological natural heritage of national significance is a karst pocket valley that begins with a 30m high overhanging rock
  • Veternik and Oslica, the highest pre–Alpine areas of Kozjanski park
  • The medieval town square Podsreda
  • Podsreda Castle, in the heart of the Orlica hills
  • The Pond and Kolar Homestead in Trebče

Known about the unknown

  • Many pupils come to see the orchards
  • Dry meadows are a paradise for explorers, nature lovers and photographers
  • Pilštanj – Following the Trails of Pagans
  • Lurška cave
  • Sotla and Bistrica rivers
  • Kozjansko Apple festival

The area is open for visitors:

This area is managed by Public Institution Kozjanski park

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