Category of protection: National park
Year of protection: 2008


Una National Park is located in the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, mainly in the area of the City of Bihać and belongs to the Una-Korana plateau. It encompasses the valleys of the Una and Unac rivers and the orographic slopes of Plješevica, Grmeča and Osječenica mountains. The Una National Park stretches along the valley of the upper course of the Una River as well as around the canyon of its right tributary, the Unac River, all the way to the Krka River in the west. The settlements located in the area of Una National park are: Martin Brod, Kulen Vakuf, Orašac, Račić and Lohovo.


The area of the Una National Park has been inhabited for thousands of years. First settlements were recorded with the arrival of the Illyrian tribe Japodi. Since then, this area has been inhabited by Romans, Turks and Austro-Hungarians, and all of them left their mark in history. The Law on the Una National Park in 2008, protected the total area of 19,800 ha. Protecting the Una River in the area of the National Park is a result of several decades of collaboration with local population, which has always been aware of the value of their environment, as well as the threats to its features.


The cornerstone for sustainable tourism in this protected area was the start of operations of the Management of Una National Park in 2011. Preservation and protection of all values for future generations are fundamental determinants of the sustainability of local traditional activities such as fishing, hunting, forestry and agriculture. The same applies to the introduction of new activities such as tourism, hospitality, recreation, education and scientific research, all of which give the local population the conditions for quality life and development in harmony with nature.

Natural values

The rivers Una, Unac and Krka, three pearls of the natural heritage of the Una National Park, form a combination of valuable natural features, diverse and preserved natural landscape of exceptional beauty and rich cultural and historical heritage.

The river of the highest natural value, after which the entire national park got its name, Una, springs in the village of Donja Suvaja below the Stražbenica mountain in Croatia. It is a typical karst spring of the ascending type, of a special green blue colour. The total length of the Una River is about 212 km, and its mouth to Sava River is in Jasenovac (CRO).

In the area of the national park, Una has the characteristics of a real mountain river. Its travertine waterfalls, beeches and waterfalls are real pearls of beauty: The waterfall in Martin Brod "Milančev buk", the largest waterfall on the river Una "Štrbački buk", Troslap, Dvoslap and Ripački slap.


The area of Una National Park has been inhabited since prehistoric times, through ancient times and the Middle Ages until today. Its rich history is evidenced by numerous archaeological sites, the remains of numerous fortifications, forts as well as the existing medieval towns: Old Bosnian town Ostrovica, Medieval town Orašac, Medieval town Rmanj, Ottoman fortress Havala, Kulašević Tower.

Interesting fact

The legend of Martin Brod

Once upon a time, an exceptionally beautiful girl Marta fell in love with a boy with curly hair and dark face who lived on the other bank of the Una River. Her parents did not approve of their relationship and refused to hear anything about their love. One day, late in the day, Marta set out for Una, lifted her skirt, and set off across to her sweetheart. She slipped on the tufa and fell into the water, her golden hair lingering only briefly on the surface of the emerald water. That draft, or boat as the locals call it, was named Martin Brod (Marta's Boat), in memory of the girl Marta and the unforgettable forbidden love.

The area is open for visitors:

  • Working hours (for visitors):
    Season: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    Off-season: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Prior notice: not needed, unless it is a group visit
  • Additional important information: In case of heavy snow Štrbački buk-Lohovo zone is closed for visitors.

This area is managed by Public Company Una National Park Ltd. Bihać

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