Category of protection: Category I (Category IV according to IUCN)
Year of protection: 1997, audited in 2019


Zasavica is located in Serbia, in the area of southern Vojvodina and northern Mačva, east of the Drina River and south of the Sava River. It encompasses municipalities of Sremska Mitrovica and Bogatić.


It is recorded in history that people made alleys in the swampy areas of northern Mačva and drained and irrigated the Mačva soil around 5000 BC. Thus, the flows of Sava and Drina rivers changed, meanders were created, and the appearance of the landscape changed. Time passed, and legends and myths left traces in people's minds that these were created by giants, or they were in fact traces of dragons, which brought strength and fertility to the earth. And the presence of dragons in these areas is also noted on Celtic maps. There were eight such places in the Balkans, including Zasavica.


The Visitor's centre is the central tourist place of the reserve. A wooden building with 18 m high tower offers a view of the 300 ha pasture and the widest and most beautiful part of Zasavica. Within the Visitor's centre there are two bungalows and two apartments, and food is served in the restaurant. There is also the ethnic room, equipped with old household and agricultural items and tools from the late 19th and early 20th century. And there is also “Bircuz kod dabra” ("At Beaver's") where you can use the grill or baking oven.

These tourist attractions stand out: educational programs for pupils and students; scientific and professional research, sport fishing, boat ride through Zasavica for fans of photo safaris, boat ride on the boat "Umbra" with a capacity of 60 seats and auto-camp - located not far from the Special Nature Reserve Zasavica Visitor's centre and which is called "CAMPING ZASAVICA". The capacity of the camp is 42 places with electricity and water supply provided.

For individual and organized visits, all professional information and guide services are provided by the management of the protected area, the Nature Conservation Movement (Pokret Gorana) from Sremska Mitrovica.

Natural values

Zasavica is protected as a special nature reserve in order to preserve the natural watercourse and wetlands with a significant diversity of flora and fauna and the present natural rarities and endangered species. So far, over 600 plant species, about 216 bird species, 20 fish species and 65 mammal species have been recorded in this area. The presence of 27 species of amphibians and reptiles was determined, of which all species of amphibians and 4 species of reptiles are protected by law.

In the area of the reserve there is a farm of old breeds of domestic animals, such as the Balkan donkey, the Mangulica pig, Domestic Mountain Horse and Podolian cattle.


Monument to Zeka Buljubaša in Ravnje; Old bathroom in Radenković; An old mulberry tree in Noćaj, the remains of the Roman Sirmium in Mačvanska Mitrovica...

Known about the unknown

It is said that dragons still live in Zasavica. So how do you recognize one? They say, "It is black and hairy from below, and smooth and shiny from above, just like an otter."

Or maybe it was a dragon after all...?

The area is open for visitors:

  • Working hours (for visitors): every day from 10.00 to 17.00
  • Prior notice: yes, for group visits

This area is managed by Nature Conservation Movement of Sremska Mitrovica

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