Category of protection: Significant landscape
Year of protection: 2006


Significant landscape Odransko polje is located in Sisak-Moslavina county and in the area of the City of Sisak, Lekenik Municipality and Martinska Ves Municipality.

The area is characterised by the Odra River and its floodplains, which lie at altitudes from 95 to 110 metres. The Odra River is the backbone of the hydrological regime of this area. It belongs to the Sava River Basin, is 80 km long, and its catchment area is 604 km Odransko polje is part of Central Posavlje, a larger retention system of flood protection. This system is significant not only due to its flood defense capabilities, but also has an important role in the process of purification of water from watercourses, essential for the regeneration of groundwater.

According to the classification of landscapes (National Strategy on Biological Diversity) Odransko polje belongs to the landscape unit "lowland regions of northern Croatia" with two landscape units:
  • agricultural landscape with floodplain grasslands along the Odra River and
  • a spacious complex of lowland oak forests.


Odransko polje is a biologically diverse landscape shaped by centuries-old traditional economic activities, intertwined ecosystems of floodplain lowland forests, pastures and meadows, the Odra River and stagnant waters, all of which supports sustainable local development. It was proclaimed a Significant landscape on 25th July 2006, pursuant to the Nature Protection Act.


The following types of tourism are encouraged and promoted in the area of Odransko polje: traditional culinary tourism, cycling and ornithological tourism (birdwatching).

Natural values

This floodplain, which receives water from the surrounding higher terrains, is characterized by micro-relief forms that cause the emergence of various wetland habitats. These habitats include grassland plant communities and forest communities which depend on flood regime and groundwater level.

About 300 vascular plants have been recorded in this area. Some of these plants are listed in the Red Book and are protected under the Nature Protection Act and other legal regulations. We can single out vulnerable species such as the snake's head fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris), the green-winged orchid (Orchis morio), the bug orchid (Orchis coriophora) and the three-toothed orchid (Orchis tridentata); as well as endangered species the four leaf clover (Marsilea quadrifolia) and others.

A large number of amphibians, reptiles, mammals, butterflies and fish have been recorded in this area. The wet meadows of Odransko polje represent significant nesting area of the corncrake bird (Crex crex) in Croatia and Europe, and the floodplain forests of pedunculate oak are the habitat of the white-tailed eagle – (Haliaeetus albicilla). In this respect, Odransko polje is an internationally important area for birds (corncrake and white-tailed eagle), and as such is a part of Natura 2000 ecological network


Traditional wooden construction of houses, farms and churches is a well-preserved heritage and these constructions can be found in the settlements around Odransko polje. The deep connection between man and his homeland is visible in the cultural landscape that seems natural, even though it is the result of centuries-long coexistence of man and nature. Cultural heritage also includes preserved indigenous breeds such as the Posavac horse, Turopolje pigs and Posavina geese. Furthermore, this area is abundant in living ethnographic heritage - folklore tradition and folk songs and costumes presented at various festivals.

Known about the unknown

The Odra River is connected to the Sava River through the Sava-Odra Canal built in 1965., This canal releases excess water from the Sava and thus prevents flooding of upstream urban areas, especially the City of Zagreb.

The area is open for visitors:

  • Working hours (for visitors): no time limit, available all year round.
  • Prior notice: prior notice is not required to tour the area. Note: The Natura SMŽ project (in the implementation phase until September 2020) is focused on development of the Visitor Management Action Plan and the construction of infrastructure - a lookout for bird watching. Upon completion it will be possible, with prior notice, to observe birds with an expert guide.
  • Additional important information: there are ramps at the entrances to Odransko polje. They are not locked with a padlock, but it is necessary to close them after entering and leaving because of the cattle that live there.

This area is managed by Public Institution for nature protection of Sisak-Moslavina county

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