Who are we?

The SavaParks Network consists of 22 protected area managing authorities and nature conservation organizations along the Sava River from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The official association SavaParks Network was established on the World Wetlands Day in 2015 (2nd February), when the first representatives of protected area managers and other public institutions from all the riparian countries signed the Declaration of the Sava River Protected Areas Network. By signing the Declaration member states institutions of the Network have taken responsibility for the conservation of biodiversity of protected areas in the Sava River Basin and have also committed on cross–border cooperation according to sustainable development for the protection of natural wealth and European cultural heritage. The Network provides a platform to exchange experiences to protect the Sava and its floodplains.

Our Mission is to protect the ecological and cultural heritage of the Sava River Basin through cross-sectoral and transboundary cooperation.

Our vision is long lasting harmony between preserved nature and human societies in the Sava River Basin.Please do contact us for any question or proposal!

EuroNatur is a German NGO taking care of Europe´s natural heritage since 1987 and is committed to connecting nature and people in a peaceful Europe.

As an internationally active conservation foundation, EuroNatur’s mission is to preserve European natural heritage in all its diversity and to protect precious natural and cultural landscapes in Europe.

The organisation works with a Europe-wide partner network in creating solutions that allow humans to live and work in harmony with nature.

EuroNatur’s projects are widely accepted in various project regions due to successful implementation of sustainable ideas using a well-proven approach:
  • Increasing knowledge by conducting scientific research.
  • Protecting natural values, species and ecosystems on national and international level.
  • Creating acceptance for nature protection among decision makers and local communities.
  • Maintaining a long-term connection to a network of partner organizations all over Europe.
The organisation’s primary goal is a Europe that hosts free-flowing rivers, pristine forests and diverse cultural landscapes and that offers sufficient space for wild animals and migrating birds within various ecosystems.

Westendstraße 3, 78315 Radolfzell, Germany
+49 7731 92 72 0

The Public institution Ljubljansko barje Nature park was founded in July 2009 by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia as a public institution to manage Ljubljansko barje Nature park. Management of Ljubljansko barje Nature park and Ljubljansko barje Natura 2000 site includes nature conservation and control, communication and cooperation with stakeholders and raising public awareness, promotion of sustainable management of resources and sustainable development and management of UNESCO World Heritage Site (pile dwellings).

Podpeška cesta 380, 1357 Notranje Gorice, Slovenia
+386 (0)8 20 52 350

Notranjska Regional Park was set up to maintain, protect and discover natural and cultural values in the area. First and overriding priority is protecting natural and cultural values. The organisation raises awareness about local culture and environmental protection and encourages innovative and sustainable tourism development throughout the region. The mission of Notranjska Regional Park is to become the most successful Slovenian regional park and world-renowned protected area, making local community proud.

Tabor 42, 1380 Cerknica, Slovenia
+386 1 709 06 36
+386 1 709 36 36 (TI

The Ministry of Environment and Energy is a Croatian government authority responsible for expert and administrative tasks regarding general and sectoral policies of environment and nature protection, waste management, climate change mitigation and adaptation, ozone layer protection, air, sea and soil quality protection, sustainable development of energetics, water management, sea protection and international cooperation, EU affairs and EU funds.

The key focus of the Ministry of Environment and Energy is to create conditions for sustainable development – in other words, development that satisfies the needs of the present, while also taking into account the needs of future generations.

Environmental and nature protection is one of the most demanding activities touching upon all aspects of the human society. With the reaching of the National Sustainable Development Strategy, the Ministry has become a coordination point for sustainable development topics at the national level, and a coordinator of activities connected with multilateral environmental agreements and global sustainable development issues at the international level.

Institutions under the competence of the Ministry include the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (FZOEU), State Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ), Croatian waters and Public Institutions in charge of managing National Parks and Nature Parks.

Radnička cesta 80, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
+385 (0)1/3717-111

Zagreb County is characterized by a wealth of natural resources, especially forests, wetlands, karst phenomena and the great diversity of flora and fauna. Protected areas cover as much as 37,690 ha, which represents 12.2% of the Zagreb County area. The Public Institution Zeleni Prsten manages protected areas and other protected parts of nature of Zagreb County. The purpose of all activities is to manage protected areas by protecting, maintaining and promoting their natural resources. Their task is to ensure the smooth running of natural processes and the sustainable use of natural resources. If you are a nature lover, interested in active holidays and recreation, you must visit the protected areas of Zagreb County. The moor frog, carnivorous plant - common sundew, white-tailed eagle, black stork, snake's head fritillary and other exceptional species are eagerly awaiting you…

Zagreb County, popularly known as the "Zagreb Green Ring", surrounds the city of Zagreb with its natural beauty, attractive locations, and the diversity that only a few capital cities have in their vicinity. As a blend of modern urbanism and preserved natural and cultural values, it is an ideal tourist destination. Come and see nature's opulence and enjoy the beautiful, magical and undiscovered protected areas.

Contacts:151. samoborske brigade HV 1, 10430 Samobor, Croatia
+385 (0)1 6111-552

Lonjsko polje Nature Park Public Institution was founded in 1998 and is currently under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy. The management of the Public Institution is located in the village of Krapje, and there are visitor centres in the settlements of Čigoč, Repušnica, Krapje and Osekovo.

The activities of the Institution include the protection, maintenance, preservation, use and promotion of the Nature Park in order to protect and preserve its natural, landscape and cultural values. The institution also ensures the smooth running of natural processes and the sustainable use of natural resources. The institution is active in supervising the implementation of measures for nature protection in this protected area.

The Institution’s mission is to ensure the sustainability of living for local population in the rural area of the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park. This is an important prerequisite for preserving biological and landscape diversity, and it is achieved by incorporating strategic management objectives into bylaws of the Institution, regional and local government and natural resources management documents.

Krapje 16, 44324 Jasenovac, Croatia

Trg grofova Erdödyja 17, 44317 Popovača, Croatia
+385 44 679122

Public institution for management of protected parts of nature of Brod-Posavina County was established in 2004 at the Brod-Posavina County conference. The institution is founded with the aim of protecting, preserving, promoting and employing protected natural values which include protected areas, species and geological heritage. The institution has jurisdiction over 7 protected areas and 16 areas that belong to Natura 2000 ecological network.

Petra Krešimira IV. br. 1, 35000 Slavonski Brod, Croatia
+385 35 409 043 ili +385 35 409 042

Brod Ecological Society (BED) was founded on 19 May 1989 in Slavonski Brod and is one of the oldest nature and environmental protection civil society organizations in the Republic of Croatia. BED is a unique example of how an association can start as initiative for the protection of Gajna pastures and its declaration as a protected area all the way back in 1990, and until today continues to be entrusted with the supervision of nature protection measures. Once the protected landscape, and today the significant landscape of Gajna, is an example of how a clear vision, deep commitment and perseverance of local community actors can form a successful cohabitation of the sectors of nature protection, agriculture and flood protection. An EU funded project, which lasted until 2009, helped BED to implement a ten year program for the preservation of biological diversity through breeding indigenous breeds in Gajna and set up the only organised grazing community in the Republic of Croatia. BED is a member of many national and international networks, active in the management of common goods, preservation of natural and cultural heritage, education, support to civil society, lobbying and advocacy, and in cross-sectoral cooperation and work with volunteers.

Trg hrvatskog proljeća 1, 35 000 Slavonski Brod, Croatia
+385 035 445 421

The Croatian Society for the Birds and Nature Protection was founded in 1995. It is the legal successor of the Society for the Protection, Observation and Study of Birds of Croatia,the oldest association for the protection of birds and nature, which was founded back in 1986. The Society was established with the aim of promoting, developing and improving the protection of birds and their habitats, but also the protection of the overall biological diversity and nature in the Republic of Croatia. It unites and coordinates the work of ornithologists, zoologists and bird and nature lovers on various research projects and is engaged in the protection of indigenous species of wild animals, primarily birds, their habitats, as well as the entire nature of the Republic of Croatia and its biological diversity. The Society achieves its goals through scientific, professional, educational and publishing activities.

One of the main activities of the Society is the observation of birds and their scientific research through projects of inventory (mapping) or monitoring of their populations. The results of the research are published in domestic and foreign scientific journals or in the form of special reports.

The Society publishes its journal "Trogolodytes" which contains scientific and professional papers and articles, as well as a series of promotional and educational brochures that are created as a result of ongoing projects.

The implementation of activities is usually carried out through projects financed from domestic and European funds, donations and foundations, and through cooperation with protected areas.

Even though the Society operates in the Republic of Croatia, it also participates in the implementation of international projects important for the protection of birds and nature.

Gundulićeva ulica 19a, 31 000 Osijek, Croatia
+385 95 523 09 44

The Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values in the Vukovar-Srijem County was established by a Decision of the County Assembly in accordance with the provisions of Article 76, paragraphs 1 and 4 of the Nature Protection Act (OG 70/05).

The Institution started operating on 1 March 2008 and since then has performed activities of protection, maintenance and promotion of protected natural values in the Vukovar-Srijem County. The main goal of the Institution is to protect and preserve the nature, ensuring the smooth flow of natural processes and sustainable use of natural resources, but it also monitors and implements nature protection measures in protected areas it manages.

The Institution performs the following activities
  • protection and preservation of natural values
  • cooperation and interaction with the local community
  • education and interpretation
  • visitation and promotion
In addition, the Institution prepares and implements various projects and performs activities such as species monitoring and rescue and care of injured protected species.

Trg Vinkovačkih jeseni 1, Vinkovci, Croatia

Public company Una National Park Ltd. from Bihać performs activities of protection, maintenance and promotion of the National Park in order to protect and preserve the originality of nature, to ensure the smooth flow of natural processes and the sustainable use of natural resources. It also monitors the implementation of conditions and measures for nature protection.

The park covers an area of 19,800 hectares that visitors can explore on foot, by bike or down the Una River by boat or kayak. Una National Park is a paradise for lovers of active tourism, nature and adrenaline, as well as fly fishing.

The biggest Park’s attractions are the canyon of Una River and its waterfalls: Strbacki buk, the most spectacular and most beautiful waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the water falls from a height of 24.5 m; and the 54-meter-high Milančev buk in Martin Brod, where about 63 cubic meters of water overflows per second.

Park’s attractions
  • More than 170 different types of plants
  • About thirty species of fish
  • Olm (Proteus anguinus) in the Una River Basin
Bosanska 17D, 77 000 Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina
+387 37 221 528, +387 37 222 255

Centre for Environment is an organization with a clear focus on environmental issues since its foundation in 1999. The aim of the organisation is to raise awareness and to contribute to the improvement of the environment through its activities.

Today, the Centre for Environment is recognized as an organization that tries to influence the relevant public policies in a reasoned and active way, that raises public awareness about environmental issues, and achieve constructive cooperation with other associations, networks, institutions and international organizations.

Miše Stupara 5, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
+387 51 433 140
Facebook -
Instagram -

The Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage is a republic administrative organization within the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska. The work of the Institute is organized into three internal organizational units: The Department of Cultural and Historical Heritage, the Department of Natural Heritage and the Department of Common Affairs.

The Department of Natural Heritage deals with the protection and preservation of nature and biological, geological and landscape diversity as part of the environment. This area is defined by the Nature Protection Act, according to which the Institute performs professional activities of nature protection and natural resources manageent. Activities in the field of nature protection are performed by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology, while tasks which fall within the competence of local self-governing units are performed by their bodies.

Professional activities of nature and natural resources protection carried out by the Institute are: collection and processing of data on nature and natural values; monitoring and assessment of nature conservation and degree of endangerment; preparation of protection studies and proposals for preliminary protection of areas; keeping registers of protected natural assets, geological, biological and landscape diversity; providing conditions for works on protected natural assets and performing expert supervision of proposed measures; providing professional assistance to managers of protected natural assets and other nature protection entities; determining conditions and measures for protection of nature and natural values and implementation of spatial and urban plans, project documentation, basis, programs and strategies in all activities that affect nature; organization and implementation of educational and promotional activities in nature protection; participation in the implementation of ratified international agreements on nature protection and development of the valorisation basis of natural heritage in the area of the local self-government unit.

Vuka Karadžića 4/VI, 78 000 Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
+387 (0)51 247 419

Society for Research and Protection of Biodiversity is a small organization that studies biodiversity, assesses the level of its endangerment and proposes protective measures through sustainable development.

The organisation’s main goals are to scientifically introduce and present to the public the objective state of nature and prevent its destruction by proposing measures for nature protection and encouraging activities that have positive effects on endangered wild species and their habitats.

  • Recording species in vulnerable areas, biological research of species (mostly field studies of birds, fish, small mammals, and insects).
  • Practical protection of species and habitats (installation of artificial birds' nests, landscaping and cleaning, afforestation, feeding, rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals, etc.).
  • Preparation of initiatives, opinions, applications and other legal actions with the aim of protecting areas and species.
  • Organizing lectures, workshops, excursions, exhibitions, publishing paper and other media content and implementing other social activities.
Brace Potkonjaka br 16, 78 000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
+387 66 783 051

The Nature Conservation Movement of Sremska Mitrovica is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that operates as an association of citizens. It is a branch of the umbrella organization of the Nature Conservation Movement of Serbia, founded in 1960.

Some of the basic tasks of the Movement are the production of planting material: trees, shrubs and horticultural material (nursery) as well as afforestation, education and environmental protection (nature protection), and in the case of Sremska Mitrovica branch, the management of the protected area. The priorities of the Nature Conservation Movement of Sremska Mitrovica are management of the protected area and education.

By the time the nursery was closed in, the organisation produced about 1,500,000 seedlings, which were distributed free of charge to the citizens of Mitrovica and Srem, schools and all others who expressed the need.

The Nature Conservation Movement of Sremska Mitrovica occasionally organizes afforestation actions and other activities of landscaping and environmental rehabilitation. There is no formal membership, but all those who respond on the day of the action or to any other organised activity, are considered members.

Svetog Save 19, 22 000 Sremska Mitrovica, Srbia
+381 22 614300

The Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province is a professional institution operating in the field of nature protection and management of natural assets in the area of the Autonomous Providence Vojvodina.

It was founded in 1966, and in 1992 it became part of the Institute for Nature Protection of Serbia, as a department in Novi Sad. Since 2010, it is again the Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province, continuing its work in nature protection of the AP Vojvodina for more than 50 years.

Activities of the institute:
  • Monitoring the condition and assessment of nature conservation and the degree of its endangerment.
  • Preparation of environmental studies and drafting laws related to nature protection.
  • Protection of biological, geological and landscape diversity.
  • Professional supervision in protected areas.
  • Determination of conditions and measures of nature protection in spatial planning and other documentation.
  • Cooperation with decision-makers, local self-government and non-governmental organizations.
  • Organisation and implementation of educational and promotional activities in nature protection through exhibitions, seminars, lectures, etc.
  • Maintenance of nature protection databases.
  • Performance of other tasks determined by the provisions of the Law on Nature Protection.

Basic goals of nature protection:

  • Increase of protected areas (protected areas, habitats) to 15% of the area of AP Vojvodina.
  • Establishment of a national ecological network.
  • Establishment of the Natura 2000 network.
  • Preservation and improvement of populations of strictly protected species.
  • Improving the state of biological, geological and landscape diversity.
  • Education and promotion of nature protection.
  • Strengthening cross-border cooperation.

The Institute has 44 employees working in two sectors, the Nature Protection Sector and the Legal and Financial Affairs Sector.

Radnička 20a, Novi Sad, Srbia
+381 21 4896301
Twiter: @PokrajinskiZZP

Public Enterprise (PE) „Vojvodinasume“, established in 2002, is a forest management company. It manages approximately 130,000hectares of forests and forestry land within the territory of Vojvodina Province. It integrates administrative, managerial functions and functions related to commercial production in forestry, hunting and other domains. It employs about 1,400 people and since 2008, it has an FSC certificate. PE “Vojvodinasume” manages 17 protected areas (among others 5 special nature reserves) and uses 19 protected areas. In total more than 86,000ha of forests and forest land fall within the borders of protected areas.

Scope of activities:
  • Breeding, protection and management of protected natural goods, maintenance and regeneration of forests, production of forest seeds and planting material and planting and re-planting forests.
  • Forest utilisation, production of forest products and other products of forestland areas, utilisation of forests for recreational purposes, wood production and other ways of forest utilisation.
  • Tourism and catering.
  • Research, development, consulting, management and publishing activities.
  • Design of construction facilities, spatial planning and geodesic works for special purposes.
  • Project design, programme design and preparation of the forest management basis.
  • Performing professional work in private owner's forests.
  • Foreign trade.
  • Improvement and utilisation of general-purpose functions of forests.

Preradovićeva 2, 21131 Petrovaradin, Srbia

Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection covers spatial planning and different areas of environment on provincial level of the Autonomous province of Vojvodina. It is responsible for the environmental quality monitoring and information system, inspection control which is essential for the implementation of regulations and prevention of uncontrolled environmental pollution, protection of natural resources and biodiversity including management of the fishery fund, integrated pollution prevention and control and waste management, approval of the environmental impact assessment of facilities and works, etc. The Secretariat also engages in activities related to spatial planning on provincial level. Quality cooperation with numerous partners has been achieved through the implementation of a number of national and international projects, as well as the cooperation with all institutions and organizations dealing with specific environmental issues at local, national and international level.

16 Mihajlo Pupin Blvd, 21 000 Novi Sad, Srbia
+ 381 21 487 4719

Tourist Organization of the Minicipality of Ruma is a non – profit governmental public service dealing with development and promotion of tourism values and potentials of Ruma municipality and Srem region (The Republic of Serbia) as well. The institution is very active in its mission of promotion historical, natural and cultural heritage through responsible economy and prioritizing. Since 2011 and the Declaration of the Protected Habitat “Trskovaca Pond”, the organization is active in the field of nature protection and protected area management as the local government bestowed this protected habitat to Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Ruma.

Glavna 172, Ruma, Srbia
Telephone number: +381 22 470 655

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